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The term Alternative Medicine means form of medicine that is outside the main stream of western medicine. Alternative medicines exist in all cultures to sum degrees and terms such as traditional medicines, indigenous medicines, folk medicines, holistic medicines and oriental medicines are used to describe such practice. This medicines date back hundred or even thousand of years depending on the country and culture concerned. Alternative medicine is a comprehensive term applied to all methods of treating diseases, which aim at co-operating with the natural forces and defensive mechanism of the body.



The roots of holistic medicine are ancient system of healing that integrates the areas of the body, mind and spirit developed over thousands of years in the east depending on the country and culture concerned. By integrating the ancient ideas of the east with the modern western biochemical and technological knowledge, the foundation for holistic medicine treatment should be built. This synthesis of the east with the west can help us in the modern world to overcome health problems and to utilize our fullest principles to live creatively as full-integrated individuals.



Because two thirds of the world’s population (mainly in the third world countries) relies entirely on the traditional medical therapies.The World Health Organization has declared its intention actively to encourage the traditional medicines worldwide in order to that their goal of health for all by the year 2000 AD can be attained .The W.H.O has pledged itself a realistic approach to traditional medicines in the lights of modern science. In order to discourage harmful practices and encourage useful ones and to promote the integration of proven valuable knowledge and the traditional and western medicines. The expert of the W.H.O have identified more than 150 systems of alternative medicines such as Homeopathy, Biochemic, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy, Magneto therapy, Yoga, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Herbalism etc. still into practice in the various parts of the world.



Western medicines have been mechanistic Doctors and other health care specialists have pictured the body as a machine with separate parts that must be treated separately. The mechanistic approach to medicine stresses the physician’s role in treating diseases, downplays mental and emotional factors that many diseases and ignores completely the spiritual aspect of health and well being. In sharp contrast to this mechanistic approach is the holistic approach. The holistic approach helps bring the mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual dimensions of the person’s being in to environmental harmony i.e. the whole person and employs holistic principles and the elements of a total integrated treatment programmed with emphasis on any the repay or treatment that stimulates person’s own healing process or promotes optimum health.

The philosophy of holism also stresses on the individual’s responsibility for maintaining good health through his active participation in the healing or health care. American Holistic Medical association has defined the holistic system as “Holistic health is that science of well being that emphasizes balance between physical, mental and spiritual realms, as well as overall harmony with one’s environment.”

AMCC Introduces following Courses

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Various System of Alternative Medicine

1. Acupressure

59. Mud Therapy

2. Acupuncture

60. Naturopathy

3. Auricular Therapy

61. Organic Therapy

4. Alexander Technique

62. Osteopathy

5. Art Therapy

63. Oriental Medicine & Diagnosis

6. Aroma Therapy

64. Physiotherapy

7. Autogenic Training & Therapy

65. Pattern Therapy

8. Auto Suggestion

66. Psionic Therapy

9. Anthroposophical Medicine

67. Pyramid Healing

10. Auras

68. Polarity Therapy

11. Auto-Urine Therapy

69. Past Life Therapy

12. Astro Therapy

70. Psychotherapy

13. Bach Flower Therapy

71. Pranic Healing

14. Bioenergetics

72. Reflexology

15. Body Oriented Psychotherapies

73. Reiki

16. Biofeedback Training

74. Radiesthesia

17. Biorhythms

75. Radionics

18. Breath Therapy

76. Rolfing

19. Bio Electromagnetic 

77. Sleep Therapy

20. Transmission Therapy

78. Wellness Restoration

21. Chiropractic

79. Shiatsu

22. Cellular Therapy

80. Shamanism

23. Chromo Therapy

81. Sound Therapy

24. Colonic Hygiene & Therapy

82. Spiritual Healing

25. Counselling

83. Silva Healing

26. Chiropody

84. Tantra Therapy

27. Chinese Medicine

85. Therapeutis Touch

28. Copper Treatment

86. Tibetan Medicine

29. Cupping

87. Trager Work

30. Do-In Therapy

88. Teletherapy

31. Dance-Drama Therapy

89. Tibb

32. Dowsing

90. Unani

33. Diet Therapy

91. Vastu Chikitsa (Astro Architecture)

34. Electrotherapy

92. Voice Therapy

35. Electro Homoeopathy

93. Vegetarianism

36. Feldenkrais Method

94. Visualisation Therapy

37. Fasting Therapy

95. Wheat-Grass Therapy

38. Faith Healing

96. YogaTherapy

39. Gem Therapy

97. Zen Therapy

40. Gest Talt

98. Autogenis Training

41. Herbalism

99. Behavioral Medicine

42. Hypnotherapy

100. Chelation Therapy

43. Hydrotherapy

101. Colour Therapy

44. Hellotherapy

102. Cranial Therapy

45. Iridology

103. Electric Medicine

46. Indo Allopathy

104. Exercise Therapy

47. Kinesiology

105. Folk Medicine

48. Touch for Health

106. Holistic Nursing

49. Kerlian Photography

107. Humour Therapy

50. Laughter Therapy

108. Movement Therapy

51. Mantra Therapy

109. Nutritional Therapy

52. Massage Therapy

110. Ortho-Molecular Medicine

53. Macrobiotics

111. Phyto Medicine

54. Megavitamin Therapy

112. Qigong

55. Moxibustion

113. Radiology

56. Magneto Therapy

114. Relaxation & Visualization

57. Music Therapy

115. Taichi

58. Meditation

116. BioChemic Medicine

117. HomeoPathy


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