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The introduction of allopathic system of medicine has resulted in a negligence to follow alternative system of Medicine. Having the virtues of efficacy, cost effectiveness and safety, it is in the process of restoration of its status & importance to enhance the quality of life.


Primary health care service is the fundamental need of the global citizen. That is based on practical, scientifically sound and socially accepted medical method and technology made universally accessible to individuals and community through their active participation and also at a cost that a community of any country can afford to maintain at every stage of their development in the spirit of self reliance, self belief and self-determination.


 It is also based on the training and scientific orientation provided to Health-Care workers. Therefore Alternative Medical Council Calcutta has set up guidelines and regulations outlining the code of ethics that every healer associated with this council in this holistic system of medicine is expected to follow.

Alternative Medicines exist in all cultures to sum degrees in various forms such as Traditional Medicines, Indigenous Medicines, Folk Medicines, Holistic Medicines and Oriental medicines etc. This medicines date back hundred or even thousand of years depending on the country and culture concerned. We are among the few in the field of Holistic System of Medicine to provide useful courses with proper scientific syllabus to the aspiring medical students.


However we do not under mind the great contribution of conventional/orthodox medicine and treatment system in our life. Alternative & orthodox medicine, each has so many things in common and the practitioners should share their experience, learn form each other and work together hand in hand to ultimately achieve the common goal of extending the treatment facility to all mankind to eradicate the global suffering and providing relief.

Profile of the Council

      Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is now a phrase of dream in the field of holistic or natural medicine, those marked for their time-tested efficacy and safety. In conventional system, where health is defined as the absence of disease we think it rather incomplete. We firmly hold the mature view of defining health that it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. To reach the goal, AMCC has introduced different medical and paramedical courses in this holistic system of medicine. Through it’s courses AMCC is in a decided attempt to establish such a healing system that will truly act either as a substitute of the conventional medicine, where it is adverse to our existence in the long run or  complementary to the conventional medicine to accelerate it’s healing power.

The originating view of AMCC is based upon the vital philosophy of the ‘healing power of nature’ i.e. the nature in man. Within every human organism there is a healing energy which includes our immune system in the wider sense of both body and mind. The co-relation and cooperation of which causes our wellness and our ability to heal and maintain health. Our purposeful courses, health care services and entire activities are aimed to attain this goal.


 In a social commitment, thousands of our enlisted Practitioners in and around the country always stand by the ailing patients with the boon of holistic system of medicine and with their practical knowledge & expertise even in adverse circumstances/situation overlooking the risk of life & position and maintaining the tradition of extending health care services through this holistic system to the suffering human beings.


In perspective of choosing alternative or complementary treatment or therapy we wish each and every person to be a well informed health consumer about the safety and effectiveness of the proposed treatment or therapy. Safety means that the benefits outweigh the risks of a treatment or therapy that does no harm when used under defined conditions and as intended. Effectiveness is the likelihood of benefit from that treatment or therapy applied under typical conditions by the average Practitioner for the typical patients.


We are proud to provide such alternative/complementary courses through our affiliated medical institutions, the safety and effectiveness of which are highly established through controlled Scientific trials, not merely depending upon the patient's testimonials.

The image and prosperity of a nation depend much on the health, both physical and mental of it's fellow countrymen. Good health is the basis of human life's vitality and happiness. From the remote past of human civilization alternative/complementary medicine has been considered to be more effective and less expensive systems of treatment. It is for the best interest of providing sustainable and cost effective health care services throughout the globe and to make improve of the even trusted Alternative/Complementary medicines our variant efforts are in the light.


In India where the history of Allopathic system of Medicine is not more than 200 yrs. old, a time has come to give the proper status and importance to the time tested Holistic Approach in health care services, which is our indigenous resource and of enriched tradition.


Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is a fruit of this noble thinking of Health for all through holistic approach by Mr. Ramesh Ch. Baidya, the Hon’ble secretary of the council. Mr. Baidya’s  foresightness was right to be casted over the public health. He well realized that ‘Alternative System of Medicine which has an age-old history in the treatment of ailing humanity can play an effective role in the life of human being in Physical, mental and spiritual spheres. He also realized that the medical world is turning its face towards rediscovering the wealth of age-old Traditional Medicine rather than the allopathic. More and more people are turning towards this approach as they find it safe, secure and less expensive. In this perifery ‘AMCC’ was set up, in the year 1991 to Propagate the Alternative System of Medicine for the best interest of Human Development.


The Council seeks to share Globalisation in it’s true sense through it’s unique computersied infrastructure. This computerised network of the council is  most informative to get at a glance view at our dedicated Practitioners and Affiliated college world-wode. AMCC is in a decided attempt to Materialize the Allround Health movement. In an adverse socio-economic structure where the educated youths either in rural or in urban are facing the curse of unemployment, can be self-appointed as a Practitioner in this hollistic system of medicine in an effective and respectful way all over the country and abroad. Similarly their services are likely to fill the gap of being non-treated. In a country where the rank file are unable to cope with the health crisis mostly because of economic insolvancy, the dedicated Practitioners as well as the cost-effective hollistic system of medicine itself seems to be more instrumental to meet the crisis. we are Proud of this two-fold activity for the best service of mankind.

To Propagate our noble mission we arrange the National, International Conferences and Award Presentation Ceremony among the best Performers in this field as welas slare knowledge & expertise for proper human upliftment. Our conferences are enriched with the glorious Presence of the high Profiles & Dignitaries in and around the country. We are forward with the messages from His Excelency the Hon’ble President of India, His Excellency the Honble vice President of India, His excellency the Hon’ble Governors of different states, The Hon’ble Prime minister of India, The State & Cabinate ministers, as well as the personalities of the foreign Body like WHO, UNICEF, to name just a few.


Inter WorkShops or Course Curriculum :

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta arranges the inter workshops on Different course curriculum to establish the quality assurance. Departmental heads and faculties of respective subjects join in a discussion on whether any modification is necessary in context of the present advancement of medical world.


In these workshops the delegates are oriented on the process of the quality assurance by means of the discussion about the changes of entire course infrastructure, changes of syllabus, the allocation of marks of formative / summative assessments, standard Preparation of questions for the new assessment system. Motivation and appreciation are made about the need of establishment of such a course mechanism to ensure and maintain improvement in quality of standard.The Council finally believes that unconditional love is life’s most powerful healer as well as illness is viewed as a mainfestation of a dysfunction of the whole person, not as an isolated event.

It is not only the medical field but also in the ultimate crisis of life in Natural calamities where the council extends its helping hand towards the victims.


Our Strategy

Alternative Medical Council Calcutta fully relies upon the Hollistic Healing Science, extracted from the ancient Indians wisdom that is sure to open a new and natural vista for a Happy and healthy globe. The council has an unique strategy that provides a diverse frame work for action to enable Alternative system of medicines to play a firm role in reducing excess mortality and morbidity, especially among impoverished populations in the rural and slum areas.

Our Main Objectives

The major challenges to the use of Alternative/Complemtary medicine include the lack of organized networks of practitioners in this field. In this context, AMCC takes the role of a common platform to holds our main objectives in regard of Alternative/Complementary Medicines.

(a) Framing a firm Policy that fully match with the Government sector in respect of Holistic medicines.

(b) Enhancing safety and efficay of these system.

(c) Ensuring easy assess of Holistic Treatment.

(d) Promoting rational use of Holistic Medicines.

Some Related Programmes of AMCC

To best ensure the public health and easy access of medical services following are the some related programmes of AMCC.

(i) To launch Medical Services that covers every inch of this holly land.

(ii) To arrange regular Free Medical Check up for the students in school / College / University level

(iii) To run Dispensaries in poor & ultrapoor areas through different social organisations.

(iv) To arrange voluntary Blood donation camp

(v) To arrange Awareness programmes against the deadly diseases & health hazards like AIDS, Drug addiction, leprosy, T.B. etc.

(vi) To detect thalassemia carriers


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